traditional-culture-01The Culture of Cyprus has been heavily influenced by previous invasions.  Cyprus has been host to invading armies of Europe and the Middle East for centuries. Numerous varied traditions and cultural events are the result of this. The most dominant influence has been that of Greece. Cypriot culture is very closely aligned with that of Greece, and follows most of its traditions and holidays, although with a distinct Cypriot flavor. The nation is by and large part of Orthodox faith, and many of the traditions and cultural events are driven by this.

Traditional clothing, music, dancing, and food are very Greek in aspect, but do maintain a very Cypriot interpretation. Religious holidays are plentiful and taken quite seriously.

heritage-culture-01Cypriots have an international reputation for their hospitality and this is most obvious with food. Commonly heard is the word “Kopiaste”, meaning “come join us (and share the meal)”. Cypriot food is driven by local agriculture and, of course, the sea’s bounty. Flavours are varied and many spices can be used, although mostly sparingly. There are many cultural events centred around agricultural events, such as the grape harvest.

 Younger generations have embraced the more modern, foreign cultures, but traditional values remain. Modern music and clothing can be seen all over the island. Many international styles of foods can also be found. Supermarkets supply international foods and wines, and transport has a distinct Mercedes flavor!