Apostolos Loukas Church

In the main square, the church of Apostolos Loucas stands. Over 100 years ago the church suffered severe damage due to an earthquake. According to research it was rebuilt in the year of 1895. It is a large basilica that can accommodate over 200 believers. The church was recently renovated by the community, but many elements of the old church were maintained.


Panayia Odigitria Church

In the village you can also find Panayia Odigitria Church, 20 feet away from the Temple of Aphrodite. It is made out of stone and taken from the ruins of the Temple.

The name of the Panayia” Odigitria” derives from the ancient Greek word “odigo” which means “I guide”. Although the church appears to be one building, the chancel with the main part of the church is dedicated to Ayios Therapontas, the other is to Panayia Odigitria. This is because the church was expanded. The added portion was dedicated to Panayia Odigitria. It is beautifully decorated with wall paintings and operates 12 times a year.

St Georges Chapel

St Georges Chapel is in the well known location of Cha-Potami in the Southeast of the village. It was built on the remaining of St Catherine’s Monastery, around 1930. It is a small, stone built building with whitewashing on the outside with a semi circle roof. It operates twice a year; on Easter Monday and on the 25th of November.

St Constantines and St Elenis Chapel

A couple of miles out of the village, there is a church known as the Chapel of St Constantine and St Eleni. The chapel used to be a monastery, was destroyed during the Ottoman era and even used as a stable. Less than half of a century ago it was renovated by the department of Antiquities. Unfortunately the hagiographies cannot be seen very well. They are quite distorted and efforts are being made for their preservation. Two hundred meters away from the chapel there is an underground dungeon, which was part of the Monastery. That dungeon leads to a catacomb, which contains well preserved wall paintings. The chapels operate on the 21st of May each year.

St Epifanios Chapel

Today you can only find in south of the village the ruins of St Epifanios Church. The memory of the Saint is celebrated in the main Church of the village.

St Nicolas Chapel

In the southwest of the village lie the foundations of St Nicholas Chapel. In recent years a small area has been built so that believers can go and pray to the Saint.

Panayia Faneromeni

The name of the Church Panayia ” Faneromeni” originates from the verb “fanerwnw” which means ” I Appear”. The remains of the church lie in the east side of the village. In recent years, a believer took initiative and built a small house around the church’s foundation and placed a few icons in the interior. On the day of “Panayia” a liturgy takes place and the day is celebrated with the procession of Her Holy Icon in the Church of “Panayia Odigitria”.

Church of “Agioi Pente Martyres”

This church was dedicated to the Five Martyrs; Mardarios, Afxentios, Evgenios, Orestis and Efstratios.

This church ruins lie on the North of the village, 1-2 kilometres away next to the river Diarizos. In recent years the community expressed the desire to build a church dedicated to these Five Martyrs as not long ago a small military aircraft crashed in the area carrying the Commander in Chief of the National Guard, Evangelos Florakis.